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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller




“Community -- at our center of everything

Since its chartering in 1965, Bristol Community College is where people turn to earn a degree, access work-related training, learn new leisure activities, and bring their kids for enrichment and entertainment. BCC offers many ways for learners to enrich their lives and their communities.

Bristol Community College is a comprehensive community college offering more than 150 career and transfer programs of study that lead to an associate degree in science, arts, applied sciences, and certificates of accomplishment or achievement. Students are able to transfer to many baccalaureate colleges throughout the state and country. “


BCC Resources Available to Students of GAP:

In furtherance of their mission of creating a better-educated community, BCC has made a commitment to provide the following resources to students enrolled in GAP:

  • Computer lab access, and the ability to access modified software to accommodate the learning nuances of students with ASD
  • Access to campus theatre and farming facilities
  • Integration on the campus – including but not limited to: the dining facility, library, gym, sporting events, college clubs and all student services
  • Graduation experience – a graduation ceremony on campus where students will receive their certificate for completion of the program