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“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.” Albert Einstein


            Students will be enrolled into a 3-year program where they will complete 648 hours of core courses and 432 hours of health and elective courses. Students will be placed in an internship in their desired field, and receive a Certificate of Completion from Bristol Community College upon fulfilling all program requirements. All courses focus on developing self-determination skills, critical thinking and soft skills. Students construct a career pathway throughout their program that is specific to their learning styles, strengths and interests.


Core Courses:  

Purpose: to improve communication skills; social skills; and confidence;

Internships: local theatre groups

Organic Farming

Purpose: to provide nutritional education; work skills; physical activity

Internships: Local organic farms

Paralegal Support
Purpose: to teach highly marketable job skills; allow students to utilize organizational and consistency skills; and to provide the students with a foundation for internships within the Massachusetts Court System.

Internships: Courthouses and Law Firms throughout the Commonwealth. Internships are being coordinated by legal professionals in the Paralegal Support Assistant Initiative, which is part of the Autism Higher Education Foundation, a collaborating nonprofit.

Health Courses: nutrition, health and fitness; strength and flexibility training; track to include participation on a unified track team; self-defense, martial arts for mind and body; relaxation and stress reduction.


Enrichment Courses: art, music/chorus, drumming, photography, etc.


All courses will focus on developing self-determination skills; critical thinking skills and essential soft skills.

All courses will be held at the main campus of Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA.


Each year, a cohort of 15 students will be enrolled in 3 – 12 week semesters. By the end of the third year, there will be 45 students enrolled in the program. Internships placement will begin for students in Year 3 depending on their concentration.

Schedule: 5 classes per day (with a 45-minute lunch break) 2 times per week for 12 weeks a semester. 3 Semesters per year.